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Aaron Smith, the founder of Escape The Odds Media, endured a portion of his life in public housing on the south side of Chicago. During this time, he became involved in the illicit sale of heroin, earning profits of up to $15,000 per day. Despite simultaneously earning a bachelor's degree in business management from Columbia College, Aaron's criminal activities eventually caught up with him. Consequently, he was indicted for conspiracy to distribute heroin and fentanyl, resulting in a 12-year sentence as a first-time offender at the age 25


 However, a remarkable transformation occurred during Aaron's nearly decade-long imprisonment. With the assistance of his faith in God, he experienced a profound mindset shift, transitioning from a life of drug dealing to one of offering hope. Since his release Feburary 2019, Aaron not only owns a successful trucking company, but he also produces an award-winning podcast titled "Escape The Odds," in addition to working on a documentary in re-enty. Furthermore, he travels across the country, sharing his story, teaching, and inspiring incarcerated individuals & inner city youth, all while providing housing for  Justice impacted individuals.


 As a natural entrepreneur, accomplished media producer, and expert in re-entry, Aaron continually contributes to changing the narrative surrounding those who have been formerly incarcerated. Having escaped the odds, he aspires to empower individuals who yearn for a similar transformation. Aaron firmly believes that anyone can alter their course by shifting their mindset and adapting their pursuits. In his own inspiring words, "You can also change lanes by switching your mindsets and hustles."

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