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Our Robust Goal Is To Open The Door For 1,000 Directly Justice Impacted Individuals & Their Families To Become Property Owners

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Image by Leroy Skalstad

Homelessness, Poverty, and Recidivism are cyclic for the Justice Inpacted

We are taking a stand againt homelessness and poverty leading to reoffending which ultimately lends to increasing rates of recidivism. With public safety also being at the forefront of our concerns, we call help curve the rising crime rates through enabling population. Providing access to change the life of one individuals life at a time is our mission. One that we believe we can reach when we come together and say "enough is enough".

Our Overarching Goal

Image by Natalie Pedigo

To Partner with Escape The Odds or if you're justice impacted complete form below!

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